Botanic Varietals


This project is made possible by its participants!

We are incredibly grateful to all those who continue to contribute their drawings.


Botanic Varietals is a research project that explores how drawing is the ideal medium to explore how information and experience connect to unconscious cultural knowledge and emotional stories, directing the way we interact with and perceive the world. Botanic Varietals uses an online haptic drawing system where participants are asked to activate a triangular grid with a colour index to create a drawing. With this software the research team can track the decisions of the participants while using the tablet, producing the capacity for the programme to be able to record the exact co-ordinates of each triangle that is activated within the digital grid lattice, how long participants spend with each and how long they utilise a particular colour. Allowing the team to look for repeated or unique behaviours and to possibly align this data with information that will be gathered via a questionnaire that each participant will be asked to fill out after completing their journey in ‘Botanic Varietals’.